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Salon Alphonse - New Orleans, La.  70118

"I believe an excellent haircut is one that lasts well into the weeks, because every strand is appreciated thus achieving the perfect balanced hairstyle." 
Born and raised in N'awlins at Touro Infirmary, at the time, in 1965. And by the age of 10, Alphonse knew hair artistry was in his blood.  The realization came to him, simply by the touch of hair.  By age 12, he recreated his first up-do; Princess Lea's twisted doughnut do, from the movie  Star Wars (circa 1977)
     During his Junior year in high school, Alphonse discovered this one library book called, How To Cut Your Own Hair and Anybody Else's.  Next phase: haircutting.  From there, he became the neighborhood hairstylist.
     Immediately after graduating from high school in 1983, Alphonse attended Moler Beauty College and The Academy of Scientific Hair Design. Upon receiving his Cosmetology license in 1984, the official journey as a true professional began.  However,  through the years, Alphonse still receives every avenue of continuous education:  from haircutting, hairstyling, up-do's, haircoloring, to make-up.  All received by nationally and internationally renowned beauty professionals. 
     Alphonse's  experiences range from:  2 TLC Makeover Stories (2003 & 2004)a segment for Inside Edition (2006)a hairstylist for the Garnier Fructis Tour(2008), Where Y'at Magazine (September 2011 Goldfinger cover), and Amelie G Magazine 2nd Anniversary Issue November 2012.  As well as, fashion shows for Saks Fifth Avenue, Baby Bump Maternity, Olga Lingerie, Dana Buckman, and NOLA Recycled Clothing.  
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